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Billee’s friendly user interface works on any browser, both for MAC or PC, and on any mobile device like smartphones or tablets.


Expense payments can be posted to multiple cost centers by either percentage or amount and are journalized accordingly.  Code invoices to your expense accounts which will then feed your own accounting software.  Billee uses your accounting software’s Chart of Accounts so that everything sync’s perfectly!


Import your payables data files (ie: Aged Payables and Vendor Master files) from any accounting software. Billee has the industry’s easiest integration tool. Simply drag and drop files into Billee – it couldn’t be simpler.

​Easily create recurring payments.  For example, create your monthly rent or lease payments.  Billee will remember them, and present them for approval as they become due.

Signing Officers approve payments with secure access from anywhere. Billee supports up to 4 signatures per payment.  It also has an approval threshold, where for example, payments under $1000 require one signature, while anything over requires two.

Billee has standard reports or data can be easily downloaded directly into Excel.  Full access to any of your data gives you the ability to create useful reports.  Fully analyse your payables the way you want to see it, the way it makes the most sense to you!

Reports can be: viewed on screen, printed, saved as .pdf or .CSV or automatically emailed.

Billee supports up to 12 concurrent users. From multiple locations, accounting clerks can log in to enter their payables. Each user’s profile can be customized granting them screen access permissions and individual payment limit controls.

You pay your household bills online,

now Billee lets you pay your business bills​ online as well!

Verification of payments are emailed automatically, showing your payee all the useful details of your payment.

Any Computer,
Any Device
Cost Tracking

Recurring Payments

Seamless Integration


Payment Approvals​

Easy Custom Reports


(proof of payment)

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