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Pay anyone who has
a Canadian bank account!​

Traditional paper cheque processing can take 3 - 10 days, and there is no guarantee the funds will not be recalled. Further, if the funds NSF, it can take another 3 - 6 days for you to be notified. processes payments is each day.  Approve and transmit your payment daily by 4pm.  In 2 days,  your payee receives your payment -- faster and more securely then mail. A supporting P.O.P. (Proof of Payment) email will  be sent to your payee as verification of the payment.   POP's support attachments,  so simply attach the invoice(s) you are paying!

If you bank outside Canada's 5 major banks (ie. credit unions, trust companies), the settlement takes 4 business days.

Settlement, Clearing & Exchange 

it works just like old-school paper cheques...but now all digital!

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