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Service Agreement

Some quick answers to our Service Agreement. Legal makes us put this here, otherwise...we'd rather just forgo this stuff!


How much does BILLEE cost?

Billee fees include a monthly software license, plus a small transaction fee per payment.  Additionally, there is a one-time set-up fee to active your account, and a possible one-time interface fee – if you want Billee to be seamlessly integrated with your host accounting software’s Account’s Payable data.  All these fees are outlined on our “FEES” page on this site.  Or visit our Quick Quote to receive an instant quote by email.

Service Agreement

Do you offer a free trial?


Join our BETA,  take advantage of a complete 3 month no fee, no obligation free trial.

What is the 30 day no-risk guarantee?

Billee Software offers a 30 day no risk guarantee.  If within the first 30 days, you are not completely satisfied with Billee’s function or service, we will refund your set-up fees. 
If you incur programming charges to develop an interface to your accounting software, we are unable to refund those fees.   If you successfully transmit payments to your payees then we are unable to refund those transaction fees.

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Digital Payments

Digital payments specifics...some quick facts to know about modern digital payments.

Receiving digital payments

Payments can be received in any account you own.

Receiving digital payments is easy!  Give the payor your banking info, (found on a voided cheque) and they can then direct deposit into your account.   Payments, once made, are irrevocable, unlike paper cheques that can have up to a 10 day recall window.

To be a pre-approved Billee payee, you will need to verify ownership of your account.   Once that's done, you'll be listed on Billee's Payee Catalogue which will allow any payor to find you!  Don't worry,  they don't see your banking info...that's hidden!  Safe, secure, reliable.


Is the internet safe & secure for digital payments?

Billee uses a multi-layered state-of-the-art security architecture.   Security covers all the aspects of protection across the entire system.   Billee provides the most current security protocols for complete piece-of-mind. 

For specific details on our architecture, please visit our website's SECURITY page.

Sending digital payments

Who can I pay with BILLEE's digital payments?

You can electronically pay or transfer funds to any company, organization, charity, institution, individual, etc. that has a bank account at any bank or financial institution in Canada.

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